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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 63

Absolutely exhausting day.

Today the Cycle20Ten team biked up and down Loup Loup Pass to the town of Twisp, WA. We arrived to town after a 20 mile climb and 46 mile day. I finally had the opportunity to post the three previous blogs I've compiled over the last two days (limited service in the mountains of Washington). Now, everyone is relaxing poolside and enjoying flat land.

With only three days left, I hope to conduct one more group/individual meal comparison and one more bikeability assessment. As of now, the towns we've traveled through in Washington typically have some form of grocery/supermarket thus limiting the usefulness of a corner store assessment in other town food establishments.

Two more passes and some rolling hills before the Pacific. Pretty hard to believe.


  1. An Old French Saying (translated): May all of your pedalling be downhill.

    Tío (Oncle) Lee Po

  2. What happened to Day 64?

    Tío Lee Po