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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 59

Bikeability Assessment

Our 62 mile day brought us from Sandpoint, ID to a campground just outside of Ione, WA. We fought a little nasty section of the route with heavy traffic in poor, rainy weather conditions; however, we did enjoy low traffic volume, moderate road conditions, and beautiful weather after our initial 23 mile start. Arriving into camp rather early, many bikers played cards and snacked on sandwiches while discussing the mountains looming in the distance. We have our first "mini" pass tomorrow that will be followed by 5 other legitimate passes. The Cascades will be tough, but I think most people in the group are looking forward to the challenge. As far as internship duties, I am eager to see what Washington holds in terms of bikeability and food access over the next week. Additionally, some guys in the group (mainly Coach B) were finally willing to do a group nutritional analysis tonight at our campground. On the menu... vegetarian burritos. Stay tuned!!

Bike Path (2 miles west of Sandpoint, ID, adjacent to U.S. Highway 2) 8:15 AM

1. 5
2. 5
3. 5
4. 5
5. Bike lane approximately 8-10 ft wide, multidirectional. Also, construction prevented bicyclists from riding upon it for several miles.

United States Highway 2 (approximately 18 miles west of Sandpoint, ID) 9:15 AM
1. 3
2. 2
3. 4
4. 3
5. 5 foot shoulder present with guardrail

Le Clerc Road (beginning of the road at Washington/Idaho border) 11:30 AM

1. 3
2. 4
3. 3
4. 4
5. 4-5 foot shoulder present

Le Clerc Road (intersection with Berry Road) 12:30 PM

1. 4
2. 3
3. 2
4. 3
5. No shoulder or bike lane present

Le Clerc Road (intersection with Loop Cr. Rd) 2 PM

1. 5
2. 3
3. 1
4. 3
5. No shoulder or bike lane present

7 days and counting...

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  1. What is a group nutritional analysis?

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