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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 60

Group Meal Analysis

Vegetarian Burrito Group Analysis ($24.72)

---Serving 5 individuals


-Guerrero Flour Tortillas (2 packages of 8)
Serving size 1 tortilla (8 per package)
Calories=200, calories from fat 50
Total fat=6 grams (Saturated=3 g, Trans=0)
Sodium=330 mg
Vitamin A=0 percent
Vitamin C=0 percent

-3 avocados (no labels)

-Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese (2 packages)
Serving Size 1 oz (servings 8)
Calories=110 (from fat 80)
Total fat=9 g (sat=6 g, trans=0)
Sodium=170 mg
Vitamin A=6 percent DV
Vitamin C=0 percent DV

Progresso Black Beans (2 cans)
Serving Size 0.5 cups, about 3.5 per container
Calories=100 ( from fat 5)
Total fat=0.5 grams (Sat and trans =0)
Sodium 400 mg
Not significant source of Vitamin A or C

-Pasta Sides, Taco Rice (2 packages)
Serving Size: ½ cup (2.5 servings per container)
Calories 270 (from fat 50)
Fat=1 gram (Saturated and trans=0)
Sodium 800 mg
Vitamin A=10 percent
Vitamin C=4 percent

-Pace Picante Sauce
Serving size 2 tbsp (about 14 servings)
Calories 10 (0 from fat)
Sodium 250 mg
Vit. A=2 percent
Vit. C=0 percent

Level of Satisfaction (out of 5)


Waste- photos provided. 1/8 salsa not finished, 1 tortilla, and 1/4 of 1 avocado


  1. Well done Lepo and crew.. cross that one off the list!
    Impressive findings on nutrition, satisfaction, and waste.
    Coach B. you are a nutritional role model ;-)

  2. What a coincidence! I just finished a vegetarian burrito before I read this blog. I didn't realize I was eating healthy. My satisfaction level was at least a 5--maybe a 5.3. There was no waste.

    Tío Lee Po