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Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 54

Eureka, MT Corner Store Assessment

Background: Eureka is a 1,000 person city in northwestern Montana. It has one convenience store within the town limits that is analysed below. The city also has a grocery store and organic food store within the downtown area which both serve as the main food shopping locations for locals. One citizen stated that the town puts a relatively large emphasis on organic, fresh foods whether it be by purchasing them at the local store or driving outside of the city to one of the many produce gardens. Although it appears that Eureka has a large demand for such foods, it actually does not sponsor a farmer's market. Activity levels seemed moderate with many locals walking around downtown during our stay.

Town Pump (convenience store)Intersection of U.S. 93 & 1 St.

1. Healthy Cereals: Cheerios, Special K (individual sizes)
2. All types of milk
3. Single sized Lays Baked
4. 2 packages of Wheat
5. 100% Juices: orange, V8, apple, and pineapple/peach mix
6. Fresh produce: oranges, apples, celery, carrots, and fruit cocktail
7. Canned vegetables: green beans and corn
Canned fruits: pineapple, all others in heavy syrup

**The relatively close proximity of the two groceries to the local convenience store likely has an effect upon the low amount of nutritious options.

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